How Uber saved me

There has been a lot of talking about Uber lately in Brussels, in Italy, in India, in Spain. Basically everywhere where this mobile-app-based transportation network is spreading with success. Brussels taxi drivers strike, complaining of #Uber snatching customers. By @valentinapop. — Stephen Fidler (@StephenFidler1) March 3, 2015 Uber's success struck the world's taxi business … Continue reading How Uber saved me

Why Yelping matters

@marcoRecorder Yelping matters. That's right. Reviewing businesses at the local level helps both customers understand how to make sensitive choices when purchasing goods, services or meals and it mutually helps businesses improve themselves. Only those businesses that apply positive constructive critiques to their work and their investments are able to survive and develop a demanding … Continue reading Why Yelping matters

A few lessons from the European Digital Advocacy Summit

@marcoRecorder Digital advocacy is assuming an increasingly important role in Brussels. What’s working to engage European policymakers? Can social media platforms help you find other advocates? Which tools work best? These were some of the questions addressed at the latest European Digital Advocacy Summit in Brussels, organised by the Public Affairs Council. At the event, … Continue reading A few lessons from the European Digital Advocacy Summit

My experience as a cyclist in Brussels

@marcoRecorder I come from a solid cycling tradition. In my region, Emilia Romagna, everybody cycles and most people are also fond of competitive cycling and follow the Giro d'Italia with vigor and passion. Especially in the city where I went to University, Forlì, people always say "there you can find more bikes than people." I … Continue reading My experience as a cyclist in Brussels

Brussels-based think tanks on Twitter 2014

@marcoRecorder Already last year I made a ranking of the best performing Brussels based think tanks on Twitter, which is to date my most read read blogpost. Obviously, followers are not everything and I'm not advocating that think tanks with more followers perform better than think tanks with less followers. This is why, in this … Continue reading Brussels-based think tanks on Twitter 2014

#iMinds 2013: What if…?

@marcoRecorder This article was also published on Waltzing Matilda Blog Last 5 December I have had the pleasure to attend the iMinds conference in Brussels. iMinds is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. iMinds brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. The … Continue reading #iMinds 2013: What if…?

The streets of Brussels are dirty, really dirty

Follow @marcoRecorder "Expats who work for EU institutions in Brussels have few Belgian friends, think the city is "dirty" and plan to go home when their job ends." This is what an article on the EUObserver (by Andrew Rettman) says .This is one of the most recurring comments by expats living in Brussels. “This city … Continue reading The streets of Brussels are dirty, really dirty

Brussels expats get out of their bubble

Follow @marcoRecorder A study by the Brussels-Europe Liaison Office shows that 60% of expats living in Brussels are sorry that they know so little of the Belgian capital. People who work for international institutions almost all live and hang out in the same districts (Schumann area, Place du Luxembourg etc...) TV Brussel looks into this … Continue reading Brussels expats get out of their bubble

Interview with Bad Service Belgium

Follow @marcoRecorder In a couple of posts already I have bashed Belgium's appalling services and the notorious mobility problems that afflict the city by interviewing the famous @STIB_fail Twitter account. In an effort to investigate on people's reaction about the poor Belgian service culture, I talked to another Twitter account's manager who collects all these … Continue reading Interview with Bad Service Belgium

A few lessons from #Europcom 2013

Follow @marcoRecorder I only managed to attend one panel at this year’s Europcom. I really like this event. The topics are always very interesting and the participants' level of expertise is always quite high. I noticed that comms2point0, a regular invitee to this event, made a very good and comprehensive summary of both day one … Continue reading A few lessons from #Europcom 2013