Brussels-based think tanks on Twitter 2014

Already last year I made a ranking of the best performing Brussels based think tanks on Twitter, which is to date my most read read blogpost. Obviously, followers are not everything and I’m not advocating that think tanks with more followers perform better than think tanks with less followers. This is why, in this analysis I also added the average percentage of retweets per post for each institution.

Today the Brussels Think Tank dialogue 2014 is taking place at the Resident Palace in Brussels (follow #BTTD14) and I have worked on a ranking with updated data including all think tanks that are listed in this excellent master thesis. At this regards, I also find it weird that it so hard to find an exhaustive list of Brussels-based think tanks online. If you have any good link please post it in the comments section below.

Out of the 32 listed think tanks, 24 have a presence on Twitter (please let me know if any of the “NOT FOUND” institutes actually have a presence on Twitter). The first 3 in the rankings are Open Society Foundations, International Crisis Group and RAND Brussels. From last year’s analysis, I put aside FrideĀ since they did participate in last year’s think tank dialogue but they are actually based in Madrid.

Brussels_think_tanks_TwitterHowever, even though these 3 are listed in the source I mentioned above, I can’t consider any as a real Brussels-based think tank. Both OSF and ICG are worldwide organizations (as stated in their Twitter bios). Roughly, the same principle applies to RAND who have mainly US-based office. International_Crisis_Group_TwitterOpen_Society_Twitter

Below the top 3, this “non-purely-a-Brussels-based-institute” principle should be applied to the German Marshall Fund . Hence, see an adapted ranking below with actually-non-BXL-based TTs in light blue.

Following this criteria, Bruegel is the most followed think tank in Brussels, followed by and Friends of Europe and CEPS.

Brussels_Think_tanks_TwitterIn terms of retweets per post, and following the same criteria as exaplained above, the first place goes to Egmont Institute with 44%, Friends of Europe with 37% and the EastWest Institute ex aequo with Bertelsmann Stiftung scoring 31%.

Who started first on TwitterBrussels_Think_tanks_Twitter