How Uber saved me

There has been a lot of talking about Uber lately in Brussels, in Italy, in India, in Spain. Basically everywhere where this mobile-app-based transportation network is spreading with success. Brussels taxi drivers strike, complaining of #Uber snatching customers. By @valentinapop. — Stephen Fidler (@StephenFidler1) March 3, 2015 Uber's success struck the world's taxi business … Continue reading How Uber saved me

The faces of Facebook

@marcoRecorder I bumped into this app a few days ago. A totally zoomable, totally clickable collage of every single person on Facebook, all 1.27 billion on them…including us! You can get directly to people’s page, which is kind of scary, but I suppose it’s like a phone directory. Faces of Facebook is aggregating the profiles … Continue reading The faces of Facebook

#iMinds 2013: What if…?

@marcoRecorder This article was also published on Waltzing Matilda Blog Last 5 December I have had the pleasure to attend the iMinds conference in Brussels. iMinds is an independent research institute founded by the Flemish government to stimulate ICT innovation. iMinds brings together companies, authorities, and non-profit organizations to join forces on research projects. The … Continue reading #iMinds 2013: What if…?

TagTagCity: when interactive search engines pave the way

Wandering around Brussels, I have been bumping more and more often in "tags".  Especially around historical points of interest around the city, you can now find some red labels with a code that you can scan. Initially I didn't know what that was and this is how I discovered TagTagCity. TagTagCity is an interactive search … Continue reading TagTagCity: when interactive search engines pave the way