How Uber saved me

There has been a lot of talking about Uber lately in Brussels, in Italy, in India, in Spain. Basically everywhere where this mobile-app-based transportation network is spreading with success. Brussels taxi drivers strike, complaining of #Uber snatching customers. By @valentinapop. — Stephen Fidler (@StephenFidler1) March 3, 2015 Uber's success struck the world's taxi business … Continue reading How Uber saved me

About me, about what, about personal about pages?

Follow @marcoRecorder Oh God...Every time I look at my blog, I can't stop crying about my about page. Whenever I look at my site stats I know that the about page is the most visited page. Damnit, I am a communication expert, I have huge experience with analytics, I can totally see that coming but … Continue reading About me, about what, about personal about pages?