Marco Ricorda is a global communication expert with experience in international organizations, politics, campaigning, social media strategy and analytical reporting

international communication expert services and consulting

public speaking / expert presentations / event moderation

Public speaking services in the field of international communication, institutional outreach, political analysis and social media strategy.

media and social media strategy / analysis / planning

Analysis of media presence, competitors, business and political landscape.

Short, medium and long-term media and social media planning.

speech writing / guest blogging / guest writing

With over 300 blog articles published, I offer services of speech writing, guest blogging and guest writing in the field of politics, international organizations, international affairs, education and media.

social media management / reporting

Being one of the very first Social Media Analysts appointed at the European Commission, I possess a very strong experience and CV in social media management for very important political figures, large global events, international organizations, academia.

press and media relations

Provision of press relations services for international figures, think tanks, national and international businesses

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