A day at FIBO – Where fitness is religion

@marcoRecorder I spent an awesome day at FIBO 2016 in Köln, the biggest fitness fair in the world.  FIBO is an incredible opportunity to get the latest info, news, products, marketing tips in the fitness industry. This fair is huuuuuuuuge. One day is just enough to get a little gist of the massive effort the … Continue reading A day at FIBO – Where fitness is religion

How Uber saved me

There has been a lot of talking about Uber lately in Brussels, in Italy, in India, in Spain. Basically everywhere where this mobile-app-based transportation network is spreading with success. Brussels taxi drivers strike, complaining of #Uber snatching customers. By @valentinapop. http://t.co/o8rkRFsWSP — Stephen Fidler (@StephenFidler1) March 3, 2015 Uber's success struck the world's taxi business … Continue reading How Uber saved me

Induction to consumption

Follow @marcoRecorder A great friend of mine yesterday had the courtesy of sharing some very interesting thoughts about marketing, consumerism and sustainability. I found that topic very compelling and decided to share this with you as well and to invite you to post your comments in order to expand the discussion. By Kjell Clarysse It occurs … Continue reading Induction to consumption