A review of the European Commission’s social media presence in 2013

Co-written with @AmyJColgan, @PabloPerezA. Published on Waltzing Matilda Blog

Assessing our performances is key to understanding how we can improve. In this post we want to share with our readers about how the European Commission’s central social media accounts have developed – in terms of followership, engagement and the volume of conversation we are now having across our social media platforms.

European_Commission_Social_MediaFollower numbers
Let’s have a look at what the European Commission achieved in 2013 in terms of social media followership of their central accounts.

Google+ growth: is the sky its limit?

It’s been a while since Google Plus became an indispensable tool in community management of a number of businesses and institutions. The infographic below provides an overview of the impressive evolution that both G+ and YouTube have witnessed in recent times.

Although Europe is still lagging behind in terms of exploiting the potentials of Google Plus there are some institutions like the European Commission that are making the best out of this platform and reaching skyrocketing levels of plusses, circles and engagement.

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