Google+ growth: is the sky its limit?

It’s been a while since Google Plus became an indispensable tool in community management of a number of businesses and institutions. The infographic below provides an overview of the impressive evolution that both G+ and YouTube have witnessed in recent times.

Although Europe is still lagging behind in terms of exploiting the potentials of Google Plus there are some institutions like the European Commission that are making the best out of this platform and reaching skyrocketing levels of plusses, circles and engagement.

Google Social Revolution

Source: CPC Strategy Blog

In this great blog post , communication expert Matt Massaro describes the benefits of Google+.  Matt puts together quite a list of giant and very useful circle sharers that you can use to build up your community of communication and social media experts. The article also goes over ease of growing a following, some SEO benefits, GIFS, pictures, YouTube, & Mobile etc…

I’m not saying you all need a Google+ account. But answer these three questions to yourself:

  • Is your community of interest developing (or has already been developed) on G+?
  • Does the brand of your organization require being (or looking) innovative?
  • Would you your content fit the type of content shared on G+?

If your answer is “yes” to all three questions, you shouldn’t waste any more time and start engaging within your  G+ community. You can find more info and recommendations on this in this blog post by my colleague Pablo PerezG+ Communities: A Social Media Network inside a Social Media Network


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