TagTagCity: when interactive search engines pave the way

Wandering around Brussels, I have been bumping more and more often in “tags”.  Especially around historical points of interest around the city, you can now find some red labels with a code that you can scan. Initially I didn’t know what that was and this is how I discovered TagTagCity.

TagTagCity is an interactive search engine that allows cities , shops, museums and other places to enter the SOLOMO (Social-Local-Mobile) world by creating a mobile website. With a simple click, places and objects deliver their secrets and advantages to users. They so far have more than 110,000 points of interest, as well as a total of 180,000 smartphone scans of its intelligent “TAG” labels placed around.

TagTagCityThe platform allows users to take maximum advantage of geolocalisation, integrated QR-code scanner, audioguide and various visualisations of places (by category or on a map).

To cut a long story short, TagTagCity recruits the best city guides: your friends’ network. Users’ Facebook environment (page likes, check-ins and those of his friends) is imported on their interactive map.

Inspired by the EU’s “Smart Cities & Communities” initiative, TagTagCity’s Smart Districts program is aimed at helping neighbourhoods to better communicate with visitors and residents. They use TagTagCity to make information about community life or cultural agenda available to all.

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