Fostering Social Communication through Social Media and 2.0 Strategies

In the last decade social media and 2.0 technologies have deeply shaped the way people get informed and communicate with each other. If the first phase of the Internet phenomenon enormously expanded the communication horizons, the 2.0 environment has set new models of communication that have not only a further impact on the enlargement of the audience but are also changing the relation between the publisher and the reader. Indeed, the distance and the difference between these two subjects have decreased creating new opportunities for a better understanding of the society.

If the marketing world is still struggling to find the best way to make profits out of social networks, institutions and organizations seem to have a great chance to reach their audience. But what is the best way of doing so? Which are the benefits? And which the risks? Which are the most successful strategies?

The “Share!” panel discussion aims at debating on the impact of 2.0 methodologies in social communication starting from some case studies developed within EU funded programs and European institutions.

This lesson was also discussed on Italian national Radio 24 (my intervention at 30:30) within the show “L’altra Europa.

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