About me, about what, about personal about pages?

Oh God…Every time I look at my blog, I can’t stop crying about my about page. Whenever I look at my site stats I know that the about page is the most visited page. Damnit, I am a communication expert, I have huge experience with analytics, I can totally see that coming but still I can’t get to create a good, stable and sustainable about page. Well, it’s certainly got better and better over time, but still I always feel like it could be better.

At least, I’m consoled by seeing how many influencial bloggers and social media experts have appauling about pages. Still, it should not be an excuse to let your about page getting dusted.

So let’s talk about it. What do we want to reach with our about page? Promote yourself? Boost your personal branding? Be left in anonimity? This should be your first question.

If you are communication consultant you probably want to be visible. You want to show what you think, what you have done and what you can offer.


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