Is labelling yourself a “Twitterer” an excuse not to have a blog?

Today I feel like asking you readers what you think about this.

I see more and more people labelling themselves as “twitterers” or “twitteratis”, meaning a sort of “Twitter bloggers” or “bloggers using only Twitter.”

On a related matter, there have been lately loads of debates about blogging and using Google Plus as a blogging platform. Above all you should see Mike Elgan and Demian Farnworth’s thoughts on the issue, but we will cover this at a later stage.

Is being a twitterer an actual thing or is it just for people to have an excuse not to write a blog (which actually requires a way bigger effort than tweeting)?

As I see it, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform and it can’t replace an actual blog both in terms of content, network and community building.

According to Damian Sieberg, who already looked at the issue over 4 years ago:

A blog provides more information, but Twitter is easier to fit into our increasingly busy lives. Arguably, more satisfaction is derived from writing an in-depth blog, but Twitter allows us to get right to the point. Blogs offer more perspective, but Twitter forces people to refine their thoughts.

What are your thoughts on this?


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