I am a frequent speaker, master of ceremony, moderator and lecturer on communication strategy, media analysis, social media monitoring, political campaigning, migration narratives and institutional communication. In addition to formal talks, I offer workshops and masterclasses. Selected videos are available here. I love to connect with great people and enthusiasts, so please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.



16 March, Panelist, “Foreign influence, aggression against Ukraine and the impact on ethno-nationalism and violent extremism in the Western Balkans: A P/CVE perspective,” by the Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN) policy support, online.

7 March, Panelist, “The implications of AI for science communication,” European Reseach Council (ERC), online


7 December, Panelist, European Digital Advocacy Summit, Brussels (Belgium)

1 December, Panelist, European Migration Network, Madrid (Spain)

10-11 November, Master of Ceremony and Moderator, Euro-Mediterranean Migration Narratives Conference, Rabat (Morocco)

13-14 October 2022, Speaker, Seminar on Challenges for government communication in times of crisis: capacity building, delivering, interacting and inclusiveness, Club of Venice hosted by Czech EU Presidency, Prague (Czechia)

06 October 2022, Interviewee, Frekwenzi, NET TV, Malta

13-15 June 2022, Moderator and Trainer, Mediterranean Urban Migration Forum, Seville (Spain)

03 June 2022, Trainer, Innovative Policy Entrepreneurship: Skills and Strategies for Policy Change, School of Transnational Governance, European University Institute, Florence (Italy)

31 March 2022, Moderator, 5th Club of Venice Stratcom Seminar, in cooperation with the UK GCSI, Breakout Session “Social media: analysing governments’ and institutions’ capacities and engagement and the added value of an enhanced technological landscape”, London (United Kingdom).

16 February, 2022, Keynote speech, International Seminar Citizenship and civic participation in the territories: the role of local public communication in the European Union, Cap’Com and Club of Venice, Toulouse (France).

8 February, 2022, Panelist, “GCM Objective 16: Empower migrants and societies to realize full inclusion and social cohesion” organized by Cross Regional Center for Refugees and Migrants (CCRM), the Global Research Forum on Diaspora and Transnationalism (GRFDT), the International Institute of Migration and Development (IIMAD), Migrant Forum in Asia (MFA) and Metropolis Asia – Pacific (Online).

21 January, 2022, Interviewee, ZN Consulting Friday Live (Online)


03 December, 2021 – Speaker and moderator, Club of Venice 2021 Plenary, Venice (Italy)

16 November – Speech, Migration Face to Face event organized in the framework of the Conference on the Future of Europe, European Parliament Information Office in Malta, Valletta (Malta)

02/03 November – Maître de cérémonie, 4th EUROMED Migration Communicators Workshop, Paris (France)

11 October – Expert presentation, EU Watch Policy Conference “Migration and integration: does the EU live up to its values,” Brussels (Belgium)

20 to 24 September 2021 – Main moderation, MC2CM Days, Brussels (Belgium)

05 August – Interviewee, Istituto Liberale, “Immigrazione: come si gestisce un fenomeno di tali dimensioni?”, Online

02 August – Head of Delegation, YEPP Congress 2021, Brussels (Belgium)

15 July – Main Speaker, MIGRAZIONI, EUROPA E TERRITORIO: SFIDE PER IL FUTURO, Associazione Salotto Illuminato, Salsomaggiore (Italy).

25 June, 2021 – Invited Panelist, #MINDEducation, MIND Milano Innovation District, Online

10-11 June, 2021 – Moderator, Synergies between public communicators and the media sector Club of Venice (CoV) Plenary Meeting, Online

18 March, 2021 – Invited Panelist, “Communication and Open Governance in a Time of Crisis,” Club of Venice, led by the Open Governance Network for Europe, in partnership with the Democratic Society, Herbert Simon Society, Open Government Partnership, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, Online.

21 January, 2021 – Interviewee, “Brexit: Quanto fa freddo fuori” Sale Scuola Viaggi, Online


25 September, 2020 – Invited Panelist / Awardee, “EUInfluencer 2020,” Online, ZN Consulting

16 July, 2020 – Invited Panelist, “Together Ensemble Workshop: Addressing Populism,” Online, European Commission, Directorate General for Communication

02 June, 2020 – Invited Panelist,Should the Commission President position herself as the EU “Guardian-in-Chief” Online, The Right Street Digital


23 January, 2020 – Institutional Intervention, “Cities need a stronger role in migration governance”, Arlem Plenary, Barcelona (Spain)


20 December, 2018 – Interviewee, Social media and politics, the Social Media and Politics Podcast, Online

02 February, 2018 – Lecturer, “How populists trigger visceral reactions” IHECS academy, Brussels (Belgium)

23 January, 2018 – Invited panelist, “Shaping attitudes on social media”, European Digital Advocacy Summit, Brussels (Belgium)


07 November – Invited Panelist, Post-Truth: Politics and Communication, Institute of European Democrats, Bilbao (Spain).

28 August – Expert presentation, Presenting social media trends, ALDE Group in the Committee of the Regions, Brussels (Belgium)

19 June, 2017 – Invited Panelist, La narrazione dell’UE e sull’UE a 60 anni dai Trattati di Roma, European Commission, Rome (Italy).

07 June 2017 – Keynote speaker, “How to effectively communicate and coordinate agricultural communication”, COPA-COGECA, Brussels (Belgium)

10 February, 2017 – Mentor, Politico – EU Studies Fair, Politico Europe, Brussels (Belgium).


17 November, 2016 – Invited Panelist, Glocal News – Italian Festival of Digital Journalism, Varese News, Varese (Italy)

04 March, 2018 – Lecturer, “The Communication of the European Commission” IHECS academy, Brussels (Belgium)


10 December, 2014 – Invited Panelist, The European Union at Expo Milano 2015 Erasmus Student Network in Italy, Ispra (Italy)


02 April, 2013 – Invited Panelist, “Fostering Social Communication through Social Media and 2.0 Strategies,” Share!, Brussels, Belgium.