Induction to consumption

A great friend of mine yesterday had the courtesy of sharing some very interesting thoughts about marketing, consumerism and sustainability. I found that topic very compelling and decided to share this with you as well and to invite you to post your comments in order to expand the discussion.

By Kjell Clarysse

It occurs to me that I love to discuss or deeply think about a certain concept. Since a couple of days and especially because of my job-focus to marketing which is boosting us to consume even more, I was realizing that actually the main reason for pollution, deforestation, animal extinction, land robberies, etc. etc. is easily brought back to the fact that we consume too much in certain parts of the world. We are buying a lot of stuff we don’t need and for a part we do that because marketers all over the world spend billions of dollars to get into our psychology and to convince us this is necessary.

I started reading a bit about consumerism on the web but the most I could find was just mentioning the negative effects of it, which we do already know. However, that was not very satisfying. I hoped to find a better insight in how the world would be if we did actually consume less all together. No, it is not my intention to write a cheesy protest letter here.

Of course the first ideas that come into our head of consuming less are the fact that many companies would go bankrupt, many people would lose their jobs, but also natural resources would be less under permanent stress and so would nature. We can easily think in the direction of a permanent situation like in Greece, but maybe that is a trap? What if all these horrible consequences would be temporary during an intermediate phase? Today status quo –> period with most likely a lot of chaos –> New status quo? Continue reading “Induction to consumption”