Disruptiveness matters

Brussels is the city where I live, right at the heart of the European Union. I like discovering its corners and the places usually overlooked by the expats community. This is how I started collaborating with The Eurobubble and how I started feeling a neo-Bruxellois. In terms of “living Brussels”,  I am an active Yelper, a digital community which is helping a great deal the city to improve itself and its businesses. The Eurobubble has its own features, facets and most importantly its own people…with their own stereotypes.

Something that many expats complain about in Brussels is its awful waste management system which earned the city the label of “very dirty city.” At this regards I created a Tumblr called “The streets of Brussels are dirty, really dirty“. Well, I guess you can figure out what it is about.

Why Yelping matters

January 14, 2015

@marcoRecorder Yelping matters. That’s right. Reviewing businesses at the local level helps both customers understand how to make sensitive choices when purchasing goods, services or meals and it mutually helps businesses improve themselves. Only those businesses that apply positive constructive critiques to their work and their investments are able to survive and develop a demanding …

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To Rotate or not to rotate? A question for the EU Council Presidency on Twitter

December 14, 2014

@marcoRecorder An intersting point has been raised by Matthias Luefkens for Europe Decides about having a rotating Twitter account for the Presidency of the Council of the EU. Considering the management of these accounts, the piece does raise some interesting point. I have left my contribution in their comments section. A problem I could already …

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A few lessons from the European Digital Advocacy Summit

July 7, 2014

@marcoRecorder Digital advocacy is assuming an increasingly important role in Brussels. What’s working to engage European policymakers? Can social media platforms help you find other advocates? Which tools work best? These were some of the questions addressed at the latest European Digital Advocacy Summit in Brussels, organised by the Public Affairs Council. At the event, …

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What the “EU Tweets of the Week” teach us about the rewarding effect on social media

April 22, 2014

@marcoRecorder A couple of weeks ago I had the chance to hear Kasper Peter‘s presentation about the EU Tweets of the Week, a creative product by viEUws, an online media organisation providing an analysis of EU policy developments. I found it very interesting to hear what is behind this product which has gained quite some success …

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A response to Kosmopolito’s “The inconvenient truth about social media and #ep2014”

April 11, 2014

@marcoRecorder Kosmopolito is one of the best bloggers in the eurobubble. He recently wrote The inconvenient truth about social media and #ep2014 which I find a very good and punchy piece on one of the main events of 2014 in Europe. Although I disagree to some extent, I think it is laudable that experts in …

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My experience as a cyclist in Brussels

February 21, 2014

@marcoRecorder I come from a solid cycling tradition. In my region, Emilia Romagna, everybody cycles and most people are also fond of competitive cycling and follow the Giro d’Italia with vigor and passion. Especially in the city where I went to University, Forlì, people always say “there you can find more bikes than people.” I …

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The streets of Brussels are dirty, really dirty

November 19, 2013

Follow @marcoRecorder “Expats who work for EU institutions in Brussels have few Belgian friends, think the city is “dirty” and plan to go home when their job ends.” This is what an article on the EUObserver (by Andrew Rettman) says .This is one of the most recurring comments by expats living in Brussels. “This city …

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The 5 prototypes of security guards in the #Eurobubble

July 27, 2013

Follow @marcoRecorder A colleague of mine recently flagged me a great Irish movie called the The Guard. It’s an Irish comedy about a police officer in the West of the country playing subtly with stereotypes and prejudices about the Irish society. This movie made me think about security guards in the Eurobubble. All EU institutions …

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Il y a… un “truc” européen

July 15, 2013

Follow @marcoRecorder For those living, working and jogging in the realm of European public affairs, it is well known how Eurobubblers basically create their own dimension and try to differentiate themselves from the outer world (the actual Bruxellois). Everyone here in BXL is super qualified with Masters Degrees or PhDs, everyone speaks 5-6 languages (apart …

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The 10 profiles of Eurobubble gym goers

June 3, 2013

This article was also published in The Eurobubble Blog Let’s get this straight. I don’t expect this post to be funny. If you don’t usually go to the gym you will find this tedious. Anyway, since I’m in Brussels I have been to quite a few gyms, mainly to exploit the “essais gratuits” that most …

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The 7 profiles of Eurobubble football players

May 27, 2013

As I explained in an earlier post, futsall in the Eurobubble is a matter of life and death. Participating in a Eurobubble futsall game reaches the same level of PR skills required to attend drinks afert a Commission’s cabinet meeting. Like in every networking event, you can always identify some profiles that usually go around …

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Futsal in the Eurobubble: the thin line between life and death

May 26, 2013

This article was also published on The Eurobubble I remember when I was in university how easy it was to organize a football tournament. You ask people to make teams, someone brings a ball and the winners get to troll the losers for the rest of the academic year. As simple as that. Well, things …

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The 1 year in Brussels crisis

August 17, 2011

Coming back from holidays spent in warm, welcoming, good-food-rich exotic places, experts have remarked the fast spreading of a new disease which is promptly and dramatically afflicting a copious amount of the young neo-Bruxellois population. The 1-year-in-Brussels disease strikes mainly young professionals employed in the third sector in both private and public sphere. The first …

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One thought on “Brussels and the Eurobubble

  1. maitea6 says:

    If I remember, you asked me once if there was a “Brussels Bubble” on Twitter? There is one! If you are interested to know a bit more about the activities of the Belgians and particularly the Bruxellois on Social Media, please let me know! And we’ll meet in the Eurobubble to talk about it 😉

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