imagesFacebook users will be able to include hashtags in their posts and then watch them become clickable. When a hashtag is included in a post, clicking on it will pop out a feed that aggregates others posts that have been tagged with the same phrase.

After last year Apple vs Samsung case, I wonder if social platforms should be able to copyright their exclusive features.  Would this turn into a patent war among #socmed giants (and dwarfs)?


3 thoughts on “Hashtags on Facebook: what if Twitter had copyrighted the #?

  1. Pepper says:

    Having the same features on multiple social media platforms will make them a whole lot easier to use and more understandable . And maybe now, putting your tweets or instagram pics (completed with hashtags) on facebook, may start looking less ridiculous.

    1. marcoRecorder says:

      Good point Petra.
      So, what is your answer? Should Twitter have copyrighted the #?

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