Twittercounter: Benchmark your performance

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Everyone likes ranks especially when ranks are about you. We love to see how good we are at what we do compared to other peers. On Twitter,  some of these ranks relate to the number of new followers you’ve received over a certain period of time, the number of tweets sent out, milestones that have been reached, number of retweets, etc.  One of the most used tools to get a quick look at such stats and aggregate these numbers is Twitter Counter.

With Twittercounter users can create spreadsheets of their stat data, receive updates on an hourly basis, go back in history and review stats up to 3 months, and more. The free features you receive with the tool also provide useful information such as determining your flow of followers and the growth on your page. In particular, you are also able to display specific days people followed and un-followed your account and predict amount of potential followers to gain or lose in a day or more depending on how the graph flows.

To Twittercounter’s credit, there are two useful features to get a better sense of how your account is performing:

  • You can compare your account with up to two others.
  • It guesses the number of users you’ll gain based on how this number has grown over the past seven days.
Let’s check together what happens when you type in the @EU_Commission
From the graph above you can see how the @EU_Commission Twitter account has had a steady growth over the past 3 months having 103.562 followers on 8 March 2013 and reaching 124.145 followers on 08 June 2013 recording a +19,87% growth in followers in only 12 weeks.
According to Twittercounter, the Commission currently holds the 12,856th position in the world for followership and the 18th most followed account in Brussels.
Twittercounter Twittercounter
The app isn’t as comprehensive as Twitonomy since all it really does is monitor your follower count on a daily basis. However, Twittercounter approaches analytics in a way that’s easy to digest, a selling point if you’re not really looking for a service that lists a dozen different metrics that you wouldn’t know what to do with.

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