Social media will destroy Belgium appalling service culture

Belgium’s service culture is disgraceful. This is not an assumption, it’s a fact. Especially in the horeca business, staff is almost always rude, sloppy or unwilling to help. As a friend of mine well says :

When you ask for food in a Belgian restaurant, waiters and cooks act like they are doing you a favour by bringing you food

The examples I could mention are 1000000000000s but this is not the scope of this post. If you you want to know about dreadful experiences just tweet me at @marcoRecorder. You’ll be amazed.

Nonetheless, there is a quite successful Twitter account called Bad Service Belgium listing all bad experiences people are having with services in Belgium and, more specifically, you can follow STIB MIVB FAIL for all problems related to public transports in Brussels. They are some pretty funny accounts.

This low level of performance also includes services, not only bars and restaurant. In the famous Facebook group BXL A LOUER – bouche à oreilles, which counts over 44.000 members, I came across the case of Joanne who flagged something really terrible that a real estate and housing agency did to her.

As we can see from the Facebook post below, the agency IMMO Minc literally wrote her an e-mail in which they say

“We don’t have time to waste with people like you and we are sure you will not find an apartment. Get lost!”

What did she do in return? The right thing. She flagged this throughout her social media so that people would be aware they shouldn’t go to that agency. Do you think any of the 44.000 group members would ever contact the agency?Bad_customer_service_in_Belgium Continue reading “Social media will destroy Belgium appalling service culture”