Is Storify still useful?

This is a genuine and honest question. Since tweets are embeddable, what is the point anymore of making Storifies? On 9th September 2013 Storify has been acquired by Livefyre. For those who don’t know, Storify is a social media curation site which allows users to cull posts, such places as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram on a given event and turn them into timelines or stories. Livefyre is a business-oriented site which claims to help “companies engage consumers through a combination of real-time conversation, social curation and social advertising.” To my knowledge (but I’d be happy to be proved wrong) Storifies are not widely read and other live-blogging platforms such as ScribbleLive (although it’s not for free) offer a much more complete, interesting and valuable product.

I mean, I simply can’t see the point of making Storifies anymore. I keep an open mind and I’m sure there are some reasons to use them. On the other hand, 850.000 users can’t all be wrong.

Can anyone provide any good arguments in favour of using Storify?

5 thoughts on “Is Storify still useful?

    1. Hi Venetia, that’s actually a very good point. I think I should rephrase my the post’s title. Looking at some Storify profiles I get the feeling that sometimes Storifies are done “just for the sake of having a Storify” and they don’t get actually read. So the point I should stress here is that users/companies/whatever should make Storifies when it really makes sense. Thanks again. M.

  1. I use Storify to make a quick & easy daily overview of tweets on EU energy and climate news. I do that in the evening, for tweeps who may have missed my tweets during the day.

    Plus it’s a great medium for my connections who are not on Twitter: I post it on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn…

    I’m not a blogger, I’m a Twitterer. But Storify allows me to create a more tangible and more lasting ‘story’ than volatile Twitter timelines.

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