Salesforce Marking Cloud has confirmed it is cutting another 200 jobs, after the social media monitoring company shed more than 100 jobs last fall.

A Salesforce spokesperson said in an email statement the job losses follow a recent acquisition of another company.

“Combining ExactTarget with our existing Marketing Cloud provides synergy, and we will be reducing our total headcount by approximately 200 people globally to reflect this opportunity,” the statement said.

Consequently to that, Synthesio have tweeted the announcement below

Is this just opportunism, mockery or true solidarity to those who are now going to face some serious problems looking for a new job?

I like to think it is the lattest and that social media really gives a solid contribution in helping people finding new job opportunities.

Big respect for Synthesio who both offer a very valuable product and display outstanding corporate communication skills.


10 thoughts on “Solidarity goes social: a praise to Synthesio

  1. I disagree with this. How many of those jobs will be available for 200 people in Canada? One Synthesio tweeter wrote “a shame to hear about more salesforce (radian 6) layoffs, too much funding and somehow a lack of innovation led to lack of sales?” They are highlighting that they are hiring when R6 is dumping people. This is not a socially conscious company this is opportunism. By they way they aren’t the only company doing this.

    1. Simon, I know you (although only a little) and I respect you, and I mean it. However, this comment is a bit out of place, as one of your colleagues tweeted pretty much the same (“Good luck everyone at Radian6 today. Glad to help in anyway we can”). We have former Radian6 employees in our US team and they know most of these people, and – as a matter of a fact – we’re hiring so this is a possible win-win situation for us and some of these people needing a job now. This is an independent blog post and I don’t judge whether the spin is too much on the solidarity aspect or what, but I can hardly see anything wrong in what Synthesio did yesterday.

  2. I feel completely convinced that the tweet was mostly opportunism. I also disagree with Marco’s conclusion. I am also posting this independently, Brandwatch people can write what they want to write and I may or may not agree with them. I am also not suggesting that Synthesio is alone here or evil or anything like that but this was from your corporate account. This is 200 people losing their jobs mostly in Canada. That’s a market where Synthesio is not seriously present. You’ll note that Marco (who I know and respect) wrote kudos for Synthesio and no one else, so of course my response will be targeted at Synthesio. Anyway, the real story is 200 people losing their jobs and the apparent mess the regional authority is in after providing Salesforce with a grant to support employment. Thank you for respecting me.

    1. Simon, our community manager comes from Radian 6 and she’s still based in Halifax, and that works just fine for us! And apparently lots of R6 sales work remotely, so relocation is not an issue. And if you look at their Canadian alternative, Sysomos HQ in Toronto is over 1,000 miles away! Actually, twice as distant as New York, so we would be a bargain πŸ˜‰
      Now, jokes aside, we are after talents, not a few fleeting tweets saying that Synthesio is better than Radian6, because that’s irrelevant. And Betamax was better than VHS, did that make any difference? Oh dear, my satire again…

      1. Ok Fabio, I’ll leave it there. You seem to be proposing that your intent was in no way aimed at highlighting that Synthesio is hiring while R6, a competitor, is firing. Your intentions are honourable. You also are genuinely going to view applications from R6 people and if agreeable take a few people on. I will of course be monitoring this over the next few months πŸ˜‰ I remain, yours sincerely, and in mutual respect, @simonmc

  3. Oh. P.S. Disclosure: I work for Brandwatch who monitor social media like Radian6 does. Although I think we are better I don’t like 200 people losing their jobs.

  4. I think it’s wholeheartedly supportive at best (i.e. Synthesio’s own staff having been causalities of the round 1 layoffs), and at worst, still mutually beneficial. Isn’t it worse to say, “hmm, there are folks that need jobs that we have to offer out there, let’s not tell them about it.”

    And here’s a blog post recap of the first round of layoffs, where Brandwatch did the same thing:

    1. marcoRecorder says:

      Thanks for sharing your piece Eric. It provides a great overview of what other social media professionals have expressed on the Radian 6 issue.

      I didnt know about the round 1 layoffs. When was that?

  5. I think I have been successfully put in my place.The reason for selecting Synthesio is because the blog post congratulates them alone. I think Eric’s piece is broader. I also saw other members of their team speculating as to why the layoffs had happened, too little innovation, too much financing and so forth, which is why I ploughed headlong into this. By the way, the points I am making are as an “individual” not an employee and were to highlight what I believe is the potential of gloating, hidden as concern, which appears not to be the case here.

    1. marcoRecorder says:

      Hi Simon,
      Have you seen Eric Tung’s comment he mentions a round of layoffs Synthesio had already experienced. That’s an interesting factor indeed which makes even more convinced about using the word “solidarity”. A better word would be “symphaty”, from Greek “sympathos” as understanding the other.
      I appreciate your comments and I know you are writing independently as a professional and not as part of your company.
      This blog welcomes all views, especially the opposite ones.

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