Not because you…

Not because you use social media you should think you know how to use social media

I remember a great quote from The Sopranos. When Artie was getting repeatedly told off by Tony about the way he ran his kitchen, the Italian cooked said “Tony thinks he can cook just because he can eat”. The same thing happens often when working with social media. Everybody is using it so everybody think they’re social media experts or even worse, gurus. The most annoying thing of this trend is the reckless invention of social media marketing theories that have literally no ground and are clearly based on personal assumptions.

This is when Social Media Analysts and Community Managers have to step up and demonstrate there’s a difference between random gurus and firm professionals. Learning how to provide solid evidence, data-based research and case studies is essential for comms professionals in an era of knowledge speculation about digital communication and new media. It’s good to experiment your own answers and arguments and be self-critical when it comes to setting your foot on the door.


Don’t be a wanna-be-a-visionary-guru. You won’t go far. Be a professional in all you do. It’ll always pay off.


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