Distracted from distraction by distraction…

Distracted from distraction by distraction

Did T.S. Eliot predict the way #socialmedia is being used and abused? I’m an advocate of social media as a mean and not as a goal but it is true that the scientifically proved psychological reward that social media interactions give to users is still a major immutable trend in the business.

What’s in it for analysts and community managers then? Find engagement.

After a (relatively) short parenthesis of social media used as broadcasting, users worldwide have been moving towards the search for engagement combined with information filtering. You get the info you want by the sources you want and most of the time these sources belong to your circle of friends, colleagues, business associates and trusted network affiliates. Broadcasting is so 2010.

Look at communication professionals with considerable followerships. Do they perform broadcasting for their company? Nope, they perform semi-personal engagement.

Engagement is the added value of comms pros. Broadcasting is for administrative assistants in cubicles.


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