Tweetping: uselessly beautiful (so far…)

I must thank @agarnero for showing me this. Tweetping provides a live feed of all of Twitter, graphically placed on  a world map, with stats per continent in a HUD that can be pushed down to allow for what feels like a god’s-eye view of the chatter[1].

New Picture (2)

The map itself starts getting brighter based on the geolocation from the public tweets.  Basically the world begins to show as a heat map in real-time which is very cool. Along the bottom you have a few areas[2]:

  • Total tweets since you launched the page
  • Total words since you launched the page
  • Total characters since you launched the page
  • last hashtag used globally
  • last @mention used globally
  • Breakdown by geographic region showing the above same stats
  • A constantly changing bar graph for number of tweets as a whole and under each region

It doesn’t seem particularly useful at the moment apart from giving you a rough overview of where the global tweeting activity gathers ( i.e. I didn’t know Twitter was so huge in Indonesia and Malesia ). However, if one day this data could be exported it would make Tweetping the best from of social media analysts.

[1] Original expression used by @KenDenmead on
[2] Description taken from Everything Twitter


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