Does social networking make us less social?

Mike Elgan raised an interesting issue on his Google Plus account recently. See below:

Our waiter at a side walk restaurant in Florence last night (I don’t recall his name, sadly), believes that social networks are making us all less social. He said that over his years as a waiter, people have become more obsessed with checking their social networking feeds and less polite. When they come into the restaurant, the first thing they say is: “do you have WiFi?,” rather than “hello.” Then they sit there with their faces in their phones instead of talking. Is it true? Do social networks make us less social?


The post  received over 165 plusses and 80 comments, demonstrating how the issue is very interesting to people.

I think the definition of being social has to be revised, meaning that the offline and online aspects of this activity have to be merged. Is somebody who is very socially active online not a sociable person?
Probably yes, within the current most accepted definition. Continue reading “Does social networking make us less social?”