10 terms to help you decipher ’social media speak’

I’m happy to republish a very interesting piece written by my colleague @AmyJColgan who is a Social Media Analyst at DG COMM in the European Commission. This post was originally published in Waltzing Matilda blog.

Social media, like any field, comes with its own vocabulary. I don’t mean RT and PM and YOLO (LOLCATZ!), but the words people working in an industry use to describe the job they do. These words, specially coined to fit a very specific purpose, are sometimes helpful and often maddening, if you’ve got strong feelings about, you know, grammar and meaning. (My favourite example of business speak was being asked by someone to “travel the idea and revert to me by COB.” What was wrong with “think about it and get back to me by the end of the day”? Only he could tell you. But then you might not understand the answer. It’s a vicious circle.)
But leaving that calmly to one side, it’s certainly useful to be able to decipher the vocabulary if you’re venturing into a new world, and as social media is rapidly becoming part of more and more people’s jobs within international/organisational communications, we thought that it might be useful to provide a basic lexicon for 10 social media terms that you may often find yourself hearing and using.

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