Shaping the Future of World Expos

It was a pleasure to be at the WECC World Expo Commissioners Club last 30 March in Milan, in an event linked to the theme of Future Expos, i.e. the forthcoming events related to Expos, after the one in Milan this year.

A unique event of its kind, talking about future Expos gave us the opportunity to discuss and discover how many synergies can be immediately created” confirmed Nausika Spahia, Executive Vice President WECC.


Fabrizio Sala, Expo 2015 Undersecretary and Regional Councillor, spoke about Expo Milano: “There are three themes that unite the forthcoming Expos with Expo 2015: nature, technology and energy. The Expos in Milan, Antalya, Astana and Dubai open up a vision of the world in which technological progress is combined with sustainability. This is the only possible foundation for a future of peace and cooperation among peoples. The Lombardy Region, with the E015 Digital Ecosystem has the ambition to be a best practice in this direction, creating smart cities with interconnected services and facilitating the use of alternative mobility“.


Massimo Andreoli, presented “The Silk Road and Spices Route” project and talked about the Aquae Venice 2015/Expo Venice pavilion.

Necil Nedimoglu, Head Consultant and Turkish BIE Representative, spoke about Expo Antalya 2016, presenting an introductory video of the city and the opportunities that Expo Antalya offers: “the goal of Antalya is to create an Expo that will last beyond the six months, thanks to the creation of permanent gardens.

Giancarlo Caratti, Deputy EU Commissioner, spoke about the business opportunities (B2B and B2C) deriving from Expo.


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Photo credits WECC


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