When life hits you badly, you gotta stand up and hit it back

In the past few months life hit me badly. Not once, but twice and it keeps banging on me. Sometimes it feels like you hit rock bottom. The pain, both physical and emotional takes a big toll on you, no matter how much you could bench press, or how long you can concentrate or how much dedication you are putting in the things you love. It’s just life. And sometimes life likes to hit you…and hit you…and hit you again.

The good thing is that when you get down to the ground, you learn something. You put things into a different perspective. You revaluate what you thought was just and right and acknowledge what was wrong. You face it, you wipe it off your chest and you move on.

Yes, you face it and you wipe it off. Because, it doesn’t matter how often this will happen…because it will happen again. You will get tackled down badly. What matters is your willingness to stand up every time. What matters is the people around you who are there for you no matter what. What matters is that sometimes you have to take your own responsibilities, but you should also learn when to say “fuck it.” What matters is being able to forgive, forget and move on.


I have never been an exceptional athlete but this is one of the things rugby has taught me. Rugby is not just a sport. It’s a philosophy. It’s a way of life. It’s a true lesson for yourself and everybody you care about. You get tackled and you stand up…you stand up quickly because YOU are gonna make the next big hit. YOU are gonna hit life badly this time.

This is dedicated to some of the amazing people who have been around me no matter what and to let them know I’m there for them always. Thank you guys.


2 thoughts on “When life hits you badly, you gotta stand up and hit it back

    1. Thank you Jo! believe it or not, your blogging and the way you opened up online in relation to your story was a true inspiration for me.
      Much and sincerely appreciated

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