Why people love to hate Ryanair?

Summer holidays have come (for some of us) and bad comments about Ryanair are regularly being posted by friends on their social media. I mean, ok…for people that are slightly taller than average it’s getting increasingly harder to fit in their seats, the continuous offers, promotions etc.. don’t allow you to even take a 10 minutes nap cause you know that a lottery, or a trolley or whatever is coming to you, and it’s coming loud.

Still, for most routes, especially for expats in Brussels, they’re overall the most competitive airline. I hardly take a flight with them which is longer than 2 hours, but if I pay 19.99€ to get home I can live with the all the small annoyances that made (apparently) Ryanair one of the most hated companies (but still the most used in Europe).

Have you got any bad experience with Ryanair? Because I still love it.

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