My 2015 Top 10 US/Canada favourite viners

I love Vine. I loooooooove it. I do some Vines myself sometimes but I must admit I have been on the down low lately. Although I’m definetely not a great viner, I think some of my vines were pretty cool, you know, considering I’m just a guy in the Eurobubble… Check me out and leave your comments

Below is my Top 10 US/Canada Viners for 2015. Even though I tried, it was really hard to decide since North American viners really stepped up their game this year both in terms of content and in terms of quality of the products. Besides, all famous viners seem to have moved to California in order to continue their work and do lots of collabs among each other. This idea totally saved the platform which was on a bit of a stalemate in 2014 but resuscitated over the past 12 months. Hats off to guys at Vine and to all the viners who are evolving and now moving to an overall comedy videos-making biz. I’ll soon do a UK/Ireland Top 10.

What do you think about it? What is your personal Top 10?

Let me know in the comments below


Scotty doesn’t give a damn. Punchy, real and makes real life situations totally hilarious. He is my number 1 viner for 2015. Born in California. Both his mom and brother appear in several of his vines.

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The first Vine meet up was awesome…and there will be more!

Just one word: Wooooowww!!!! Yes, wow!!!! What an incredible day. Not only we did something for the first time but we consolidated some incredible friendships with some amazing people!!!


The first Italian Vine meet up took place at the World Expo in Milan last Saturday 25 July. It all started with a simple idea: getting creative people together. After meeting the Social Media Team of Expo Milan, we started a one-day journey that we’ll never forget

Thanks to two great viners @Misssteppi and @NathanJayD we brought together influential Italian viners at Expo and visited the site. JackBenny, FuoriTempoOfficial, MickyCardi, LaylaMarrouk, Andrea Mantegazza, Fabio Il Cazzinaro

We firstly visited the Brasil pavilion, which with its amazing installation it’s an amazing source of content. Based on its theme “Feeding the world with solutions,” the Brazilian pavilion uses the metaphor of the network, in terms of flexibility, fluidity and decentralization, showing the relationships and integration of different topics that combined, make it the global leader in food production.

FTfoto | Viners4Expo_padiglione_Brasile

Step 2 was one of my favourite places in Expo: the Russian pavilion. The super professional and kind stuff, the great visitor’s experience and their awesome terrace made it a unique visit. Russia’s Pavilion proposes a supremely multi-functional building of contemporary design and an example of striking and memorable craftsmanship. Its elegant wooden façade, the semi-transparent ground floor interior and its green rooftop, together create a harmonious suite of spaces that are easily accessible to visitors. Inside, the Pavilion is divided into a series of open spaces and viewing platforms in the tradition of classical Italian gardens. In the upper part of the building are hanging gardens reminiscent of Babylon, whilst the highest point of the Pavilion structure is the sloping serpentine of the vegetation-clad rooftop, symbolizing the boundless fields of Russia. This unique architectural and decorative element gently rises upwards, offering a 30 meter-long canopy that merges the building harmoniously into the natural surroundings, a space for special events and a superb vista across the Exhibition Site.



After the awesome visit at the Russian pavilion, we headed off to Palazzo Italia. The architecture, with its casing and volumetric joints, takes on the appearance of an urban forest of branches where visitors can experience and discover impressive views. Its four blocks lay out real urban scenes that surround the large central square, which acts as a place of welcome and a symbol of community, the starting point of the exhibition. Again, the concept of the tree is revisited here, with a crowning glass canopy made of solar panels. With its roots resting on the ground and branches and upper foliage lifted aloft, the building-tree offers an indoors exhibition route, a journey of discovery on all four levels of the exhibition area that leads right up to the rooftop terrace, and from there, back down, on a new and different path, to the central square. The cement produced by Italcementi is photocatalytic: on contact with sunlight, it catches air pollutants and converts them into inert salts, and the mortar uses 80% recycled aggregates.

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