Wake me up when Movember ends

“Wake me up when Movember ends.” I guess this is the song of my first Movember experience. When I started, I wasn’t sure about what my contribution should be in this campaign. So, I played it easy and decided to stick to what I know best and exploit my digital campaigning skills to raise awareness about the cause. I tried my best in the 3 weeks I had at my disposal (I left on a trip to Tanzania on 21/11 where I stopped posting MoUpdates) and although I didn’t achieve what I hoped for, I got a lot of good insights for next year’s edition.

Movember is all about bringing back the moustache, having fun and doing it for a serious cause; men’s health, specifically prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mental health. Mo Bros commit to grow a moustache for the 30 days of Movember, and in doing so become walking and talking billboards for the cause. The moustache is Movember’s ribbon, the symbol by which MoBros and MoSistas generate conversations, awareness and raise funds for men’s health.

Here is my public MoSpace and the space of my rugby team’s space, the Brussels Barbarians.

Firstly, I tried with making videos  with a smartphone just to give some flavours to my MoSpace and this was my favourite although not the most successful.

It seems though that Movember is a platform more suited to funny and interesting graphics rather than vids. In fact I find it not particularly user friendly to upload a video on YouTube in order to be attached to a post (which you can actually do with pictures).

Stay tuned for more MoUpdates in Movember 2014!


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