A heartfelt farewell to Bruegel

Last Friday was my last day as part of the Communication team of Bruegel.

During the goodbye lunch we had, I was very happy to see both people I know since I started here in the summer of 2010 and people I have just had the opportunity to meet.Marco_Ricorda_Bruegel

I would like to give a special thank to the management team who have since the beginning invested in me in a way that will pay off for the future of my professional and personal development.  Delphine, Matt, Jean, Guntram thanks for giving me so many opportunities to grow.

Since I started working at Bruegel I soon realized that being part of this organization was not only about carrying out single tasks and delivering them on a certain date. It was more about being part of a system where all mechanisms must function in synchronization. A system where every part matters.

From the delivery of a policy paper to the massive preparation and data collection that this requires; from the moderation of a workshop or a conference to the accurate and parsimonious operational organization of the event; from the writing of timely comments and columns on economic policy to their advertisement to the media and policy makers via all communication channels; from the establishment of global research partnerships to the reception and welcoming of very high level people at our premises; from all the ideas that are brought up to the management efforts that lead to their implementation.

If any of these elements went missing the entire system would fail. It is the combination and management of all these factors that determined the success that this institute has achieved in recent times. I have been very proud of being part of this.

Thank you all very much.


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