#MyExpo2015 Awards – Best Content Centre

My Expo 2015 Award for Best Content Centre goes to the German Pavilion.

TheIR exhibition focuses not only on pioneering projects and solution approaches from politics, business and research, but also on the great dedication from society at large. With many surprising examples, ideas and its motto “Be active”, the Pavilion seeks to awaken the joy each individual can find in taking action and making a personal contribution. The Pavilion is therefore in many ways an invitation to its visitors to join in.

The exhibition takes visitors on a journey covering the basics of nutrition. In six rooms that each focus on a different area, the German pavilion creates awareness of nature as the basis of our nutrition and, at a multitude of stations, presents solutions and ideas from Germany for food security in the future, many of which are unusual and surprising.

Fascinating technology made in germany

Innovative technologies also play a major role in the German Pavilion. The “SeedBoard” in particular is an entirely novel and surprising exhibition experience as it gives visitors the opportunity to discover the topics and contents in a very individual way. It is a personalised “Field of Ideas” with which visitors can call up media, start films or navigate through a variety of con- tent formats. The pavilion visit thus becomes a very personal adventure which, at the same time, makes it possible to directly experience fascinating technology made in Germany.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Cardboard + hansd

Research container

The German Pavilion offers a view into some of its most innovative research projects working on solutions for securing our food supply in the future. Several containers integrated into the pavilion façade allow visitors to take a look “inside” the work currently going on in these projects with their new ideas and solution approaches.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre Cardboard

A playing field for children

Children also have many possibilities to join in and be active in the exhibition. In addition to dedicated children’s thematic stations, there is also a special route waiting just for them where they can set off and look for tomatoes for a tomato sauce, and, in doing so, learn a lot about nature and our food.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre (3) German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre (4) German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre (10)Water Clean + unpolluted

As the source of all life, water is an extremely precious commodity and needs to be handled carefully. This room displays ideas and solutions for the efficient supply and environmentally friendly usage of this vital resource.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre Squid and OctopusSoil: Fertile + productive

Soil is the basis of our nutrition and a complex ecosystem that supplies plants with all the nutrients they require. Protecting and maintaining soil is therefore essential for food security in the future – and the theme of this room.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre

Climate: Stable + life-sustaining

Climate plays a crucial role in the profitability of agriculture. Using project examples from Germany, the exhibition shows how the necessity of greater harvests can be harmonised with the necessity of sustainability and climate protection here.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre (9)

Biodiversity: abundant + precious

The variety in nature is our insurance against changing environmental conditions. Understanding, preserving and making use of this diversity is one of the greatest challenges of our time. This room offers insights into exciting ideas and solutions created in Germany.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre (11)

Food: Secure + sustainable

What would we like to eat in future? What expectations do people have of food production today? In this room, visitors are confronted with these questions in the midst of the great diversity of food that is produced and consumed in Germany.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - Content centre Food Secure and sustainable

My Garden of Ideas

This is a place full of ideas and activities, a colourful and vibrant place in which visitors can discover new and surprising things all over the place. It shows how our ideas and actions can have a positive effect on the way we deal with nature and on our food.

German Pavilion Expo 2015 - My Garden of Ideas