Violence in Syria overtakes UN undemocratic policies

Violence against Syrian civilians continues unremittingly. Homs is under siege and air attack for five days and the images shown by Al Jazeera do not leave room for imagination about the perpetuation of the military’s atrocities. After the ludicrous and laghable sharade put up by Arab League’s delegates in Homs in late December , the VETO at the UN Security Council by China and Russia resounds like a dramatic slap to human rights and principles of international humanitarian law.

Just yesterday. Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov stated that “The Syrian president, Bashar al-Assad, has been making fresh promises to end violence in his country, talk to the opposition, and bring in reforms“. The incredulity of political analysts and policy makers should reverberate high into world media when listening to such words of manifest and indignant defiance towards the worst humanitarian crisis of the Arab awakening. The b lame for non-intervention in Syria against Assad’s violence on civilians will fall on Russian and Chinese heads the same way it happened during Neville’s appeasement policy  in 1938.  There are no more legal, ethical, political or economic motivations to postpone intervention to avoid inevitable carnage, humanitarian disaster and historic social devastation.