Revitalizing Migration Partnerships in a Post-Pandemic World: the role of narratives and communication

I can fairly say that the Club of Venice annual plenary was one of those events I was really looking forward to attend again in presence. On top of the usual outstanding display of knowledge, insights and experiences in public communication, the possibility to meet colleagues in person from all over the continent, made this short trip to Venice memorable. I could feel a generic shared hunger for networking and informal, free and open expression of thoughts and opinions in a dedicated forum about the future of Europe and the role of communication in shaping it.

We must never forget that migration is not only about challenges but also about opportunities; about labour migration, development, investment or public – private – partnership; about many aspects that enrich our economies, our societies and the lives of our people. Migration partnerships are the most promising way to live up to our joint responsibility to address the challenges and seize the opportunities that migration offers. Policy options and cooperation greatly depend on stakeholders’ ability to drive migration narratives that support and provide space to pursue partnership priorities. Communication needs to form an integral part of any partnership, so that we explain why we engage in various cooperation frameworks with countries of destination, transit and origin.

This year the #ClubofVenice celebrates its 35th anniversary. For the occasion I had the pleasure to write a chapter of their inaugural book “Public communications in Europe” where I discuss communication challenges and evolving narratives in the field of migration.

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