“Together-Ensemble: Addressing populism” a webinar to for the European Commission

The European Commission recently hosted a successful edition of the Together-Ensemble event, an online series of Zoom sessions aimed at providing a platform for EU staff to reflect on and discuss various topical issues that affect life, society, work, economics, science, health, and the world in general. I had the pleasure to moderate and contribute to the event, who brought invaluable insights and facilitated open discussions on the subject of “collaboration in crises, with a focus on migration.”

Together-Ensemble, presented by Julie Guégan and Obhi Chatterjee, serves as an essential forum for European Union staff to engage in meaningful conversations on pressing issues, fostering a sense of unity and promoting a better understanding of the challenges faced across the continent.

During the event, I shared an account of the most compelling current narratives highlighting the importance of collaboration as the key to success in tackling crises. The focus on migration offered a relevant and timely case study, given the ongoing migration-related challenges faced by the EU and its member states.

Participants were encouraged to explore the different aspects of collaboration in crisis situations, such as the sharing of resources, the exchange of expertise and knowledge, and the importance of coordinated efforts to address complex challenges. The talk emphasized that in a globalized world, no single country can effectively manage crises alone, and that collaboration is essential for the well-being of all parties involved.

The interactive session provided an opportunity for EU staff to share their experiences and perspectives on the issue of migration and crisis management. Participants discussed various strategies and best practices in handling migration crises, highlighting the importance of a multi-faceted approach that encompasses policy-making, humanitarian aid, and socio-economic support.

The event’s success is a testament to the European Commission’s commitment to fostering open dialogue and collaborative thinking among its staff. Such discussions, which bring together diverse perspectives and experiences, are vital for shaping policies and strategies that effectively address the challenges faced by the EU and its citizens.

As the world continues to grapple with various crises, events like Together-Ensemble offer an invaluable platform for European Union staff to come together, reflect, and learn from one another, ultimately contributing to the development of more robust, resilient, and collaborative policies and approaches for the future.

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