Thank you “or not” for the follow

Lately I get more and more “Thank you for following me” direct messages on Twitter. Thanking for the follow is a quite common practice especially among consultants, communication experts or people working in public relations. Also it might make sense for companies to automatically feed new followers on relevant information or contact details. Still, I find it hard to see the added value in “thanking for the follow”, and besides, it’s quite annoying. Let’s break this down:


  • You display engagement with your audience.
  • You acknowledge and digitally “reward” your new followers, giving them “social currency.”
  • You look kind and friendly.


  • You display FAKE engagement with your audience. Which is even worse than not saying anything.
  • You look like you’re trying to sell a second-hand car.
  • You’re annoying

Acknowledging your network is absolutely golden, but is automatically thanking for the follow the right way to do so?

What do you think? Let me know.

One thought on “Thank you “or not” for the follow

  1. Hi Marco,

    I feel the same way about the DM thanks. The most recent one I received might be the most confusing I’ve ever had.

    “Thanks for following me!

    Ditto to you.

    There are two kinds of tweeters, those who want more followers & those who lie :)”

    I have no idea why he said “ditto to you,” as I did not send him one or thank him for following me, and that last line about tweeters is just weird.


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