Civil rights in Italy? Only for MPs

In Italy there is no such thing as civil unions. You can either be married, by a recognized religious institution or by your municipality, or just not be married. There is no way in between. If you have had a partner for the past 20 years and you are not legally married to him/her there is no way the two of them can be recognized as one nuclear family whatsoever.  When it comes to tax declaration, death, injury etc.. these people will be always recognized by the state as two separate legal entities. This applies to all citizens…or, wait a moment, it actually does not! Members of the Parliament have the right to declare their partners as more uxorio couples so that they can benefit from state benefits as if they were married.

imagesAs ridiculous as it may sound, many of those Italian MPs who actually have strongly opposed the introducation of civil unions are actually benefiting more uxorio rights by having at their disposal a favourable legislative glitch reserved to this caste. This is the product of a legal bill that MPs drew for themsleves in the 90s that include  health insurance, fiscal advantages, gold pensions and much more.

Hypocrisy has no limits?

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