The 1 year in Brussels crisis

Coming back from holidays spent in warm, welcoming, good-food-rich exotic places, experts have remarked the fast spreading of a new disease which is promptly and dramatically afflicting a copious amount of the young neo-Bruxellois population.

The 1-year-in-Brussels disease strikes mainly young professionals employed in the third sector in both private and public sphere. The first alarming symptom results in waking up one day and thinking: “Is the human being made to sit in front of a screen for 10-12 hours a day?”. The pathology can then degenerate into depression, continuous inexplicable malcontent, weight gain, unstoppable farting, acne, intense desire for quick, unhealthy, microwave-heated meals and loss of personal hygiene.

It seems the syndrome is highly contagious and has already affected a vast majority of the under 32 population in the Schuman, Madou, Place Lux and Maelbeek area.

More updates to come…


One thought on “The 1 year in Brussels crisis

  1. In my case, it started about 3 months ago and has been progressing… But I really don’t want to end up in the vicious circle of never ending complaints. Let’s just do something about it!

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