Why I use Buffer

I have already tackled the issue of posting timing via analyzing Tweriod. Apart from getting the best out your potential daily exposure, it is important to understand and plan your posts fluxes.Chances are, you’re a busy person and you want to keep your Twitter account updated throughout the day. Obviously, you can’t afford taking a break every hour to post something. Here is where Buffer comes in.

buffer-app-670x325Buffer is suited to share content that I consume each morning over the course of the day. It helps me keep my online presence going even when content is scarce.

Buffer’s main feature is the ability to set a tweeting or updating schedule unique to each account you manage. You can create one or more buffering patterns for different days of the week. This way you can have lots of updates Monday through Friday, and sprinkle a few updates over the weekend when you might be getting less traction but still want to keep things updated.

Buffer can be linked to Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Linkedin. It also gives insights and analytics on the content you share through Buffer, marking which are your “top tweets” of the day.

Buffer is good for sharing articles, posts, videos, pictures, etc – but you still need to be present on these channels to monitor and actually engage with others. It in no way makes up for real, honest human interactions.