In an op-ed on Il Corriere della Sera, Italian political scientist Angelo Panebianco puts on the table the odds of democratic failure, owing to economic catastrophe, in Greece. In a moment where the unprecedented occurrence of a default in the EU is being pondered, alongside with an, in my opinion very unlikely, authoritarian regime, I feel grief-stricken by the light-hearted manner with which a vast number of analysts tackle this issue.

Panebianco expresses how economic distress has been, in the recent past, the cause of the rise of authoritarian governments and dictatorships. I accept his analysis based on historical evidence and on an Aristotelian view of the history of men and society.

What I disagree with is the open abandonment and uncaring attitude of those who take for granted a euro break-up and the imaginative, shattering into different pieces, or a large block in the north and a fragmented south.

Today, in front of the European Parliament, Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti, with his notorious unhurried, calm and diplomacy, made it splendidly clear that “it is deeply possible to reconcile democracy and integration. Of course, only a deeply superficial insular culture might naively consider that integration is a synonym of a super supranational state”.

Euro skeptic movements and think-tanks are enjoying the economic and social distress of the Union and keep advocating for an end to it. The narrow-mindness is a disgrace. It is openly an invite to foment global economic disaster for the sake of anachronistic and deleterious demagogy


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