Pensions reform in Italy is a priority. Will Fornero perpetrate her mission?

Il Corriere della Sera yesterday presented the pensions reform project put forward by newly appointed minister for welfare Fornero. What seems innovative to the Italian eye is actually praxis in most North and Central EU member states.

The initiative is certainly zealous and absolutely necessary in a country ranked as 213th in the world for fertility rate that presents a continuously ageing population. Such reform was proposed a number of times in both Berlusconi’s I and II governments but the implementation of it got lost on the way.

It now takes the willingness and the guts to go against the strong powers (poteri forti) to accomplish it. Surely, if this reform can help both national growth, a priority to restore the economy, and the trust into the Italian national administration.

The main challenge will surely come from the absurdly anachronistic trade unions that cannot permit losing the complacency of their members. Will they, this time, be far-sighted enough to allow this reform without any speculative obstruction? Hard to say but I certainly hope so.