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Middle East chronicles: Tel Aviv aiport
Here we go, off to Israel. I had been waiting for this trip for a very long time. I have studied in depth the Middle East and the Israeli – Palestinian conflict and the political situation of the Holy Land. I have watched tons of documentaries and read guide books prior to my departure but … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicle: Tel Aviv and Jaffa
Right, after telling you about our small adventure at Tel Aviv airport we are off to a day visit of the city. What strikes us from moment one is the level of westernization of this place. It doesn’t look Middle Eastern at all. Tall skyscrapers, bicycles lanes, actual bus lines with timetables, hipsters. This place … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Nazareth and Galilee
Early wake and it’s a beautiful day. It’s now time for history and biblical culture after the modernity and vibrancy of Tel Aviv. First stop Nazareth. As we all know Nazareth is best known as the home of Joseph and Mary and hence also Jesus, although he was born in Bethlehem. A number of Christian … Continue reading »

Middle East chronicles: Jerusalem
Finally Jerusalem. I can’t wait to get there and already in the morning my excitement tricked me as I went to the grocery shop outside the hostel, bought what I thought was milk and realized it was yogurt only after pouring it into my coffee cup. I was so in a hurry to get en … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Ramallah
“This is Palestine”. In 3 words Tore expressed it all. We were at the Sunday Palm procession up on the Mount of Olives from where you can get a great view of the Occupied Territories. TIP and nothing more. The view, the smell, the chaos, the history, the hatred, the blood, the Christians, the Muslims, … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Nablus
We only have a couple of hours to visit Nablus and we’re also a bit tired from our rushed visit to Ramallah and in fact we end up falling asleep on the van on our way there. As soon as we get there we get a similar feeling of what we could breathe in Ramallah, … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Bethlehem
Nearly all travellers arrive via Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Since Bethlehem is administered by the Palestinian Authority, an Israeli military checkpoint stands on the road connecting the two locations. If entering from Jerusalem, one must pass through the “Rachel’s Crossing” Israeli checkpoint into Bethlehem. Although it is ordinary businees here, you actually have to flash your … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Hebron
Hebron is mentioned in the Bible as the home of Abraham, and the burial place of him and several generations of his family. In King David’s time, Hebron was briefly the capital of the Israelite state, before the capital moved to Jerusalem and today, Hebron is holy to both Muslims and Jews due to its … Continue reading »

The Israeli disappointment and the Jordanian surprise
Before leaving to the Middle East, I wasn’t completely unprepared. I knew all about the conflicts of the region, the history, the Israeli-Palestinian question, the economy, the Arab springs etc.. Besides, I had already been to Lebanon the previous year and I had studied a bit of Arabic at the Arab Cultural Centre of Brussels. … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Amman
While waiting at the bus station in Jerusalem we bumped into a group of German tourists who ask us: “Why are you going to Amman” and I replied ” What do you mean?” “There’s nothing to see there!” they respond. When we planned our trip we thought of Amman as a base to visit Jordan … Continue reading »

Middle East Chronicles: Petra
Marwan and Layan are coming with us to visit Jordan’s most famous historical attraction. It’s a 3 hours drive from Petra and we can’t set off before getting our Jordanian coffee. We know it’s going to be a tough day. The sun is up high and the hiking will be demanding but the desire of … Continue reading »


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