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Every Friday, I post my TOP 5 blog posts about social media and digital communication of the week. It’s basically an #FF for blogs.

By DigitalBuzz

I think we’ve all been waiting to see where this would go, so here is one of the first Google Glass concepts specifically made for the healthcare sector, and in particular to link Philips Healthcare technology patient data into the Google Glass Display.

By Claire Cain Miller

As Twitter gets ready to go public, everyone is keeping a close eye on its leadership, namely its lack of females at the executive level. Claire Cain Miller pointedly shows Twitter that it’s not so hard to find a few women for the board — despite what Twitter execs say — by giving them a list of 25 nominees — including Cindy Gallop, Shelly Lazarus and Indra Nooyi.

by Harriet Middleton

This week, Instagram turned three. In approximately 1000 days since inception, the photo-sharing app has transformed from the new kid on the block to one of today’s most popular social media platforms.

Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger launched Instagram in October 2010, with the simple mission of helping mobile photos look a bit less “lame.”  With the combination of cool (and flattering) filters and easy sharing options, Instagram was an immediate hit. Since then it’s launched versions in 25 different languages, attracted 150 million active users and seen more than 16 billion photos being shared worldwide.

An assortment of 3D printed items, accompanied by Duann Scott (left), myself (center), and Savannah, (right) at the Shapeways 3D “Factory of the Future” in Queens, NYC. Behind us are rows of high-end 3D printers, polishing machines, designers, QA teams, and operations experts.

Trying to configure, calibrate, and properly print a 3D object is a clunky experience. Fortunately, there are services that enable this: Meet Shapeways, a 3D factory available now for you.

An Infographic Profile of the Modern Travel Blogger from the Sandymount Hotel in Dublin, Ireland, takes a closer look at answering the question “Who are these travel bloggers?”


As today marks the start of the TBEX European Conference – the world’s largest gathering of travel bloggers, writers and new media content creators – we thought we would celebrate their choice of Dublin as this years’ venue with an infographic profile of the modern travel blogger.


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