3 New Year social media resolutions

Apart from the personal new year resolutions I promised yesterday evening to myself, which include travelling to at least 6 new countries and go back to studying a language, I think I should also write a separate chapter for my “social media new year resolutions”.  Still, I have lots to learn about digital and strategic communication. Surely, along with new year, I hope I can improve my skills in this realm and to be able to share new insights with other communication professionals in Europe and more.

1.       Get a move on G+

google_plus_logo_wallpaperIt can no longer be ignored. Even though until the end of 2011 G+ was still labeled as a bad copy of Facebook made for Google employees, things have radically changed. Now G+ is a reality and comms professionals are obliged to master it. I actually did open an account on the very week it was launched but since then my presence on this platform has been scarce. The European Commission has over 260.000 followers on G+ ( 3 times the amount of followers than Facebook or Twitter) which is an indicator of how this platform is more incline to “welcome” people interested in sharing more technical, academic or sophisticated content. Will this “higher-audience basis” be part of G+’s selling points strategy? There’s only one way to find out. Starting today.

2.       Blog more often about strategic comms

As shown in my 2012 blogging report, I mainly write about global affairs with a focus on update-your-blogEuropean politics and policy making, in both English and Italian. My commitment to Italian think tank Lo Spazio della Politica made me concentrate on European affairs and write in Italian due to the mainly national distribution of this organization’s research. I will certainly and enthusiastically continue my cooperation with them but my recent employment at DG COMM in the European Commission will undoubtedly bring loads of food for thought which I will be happy to share.

3.       Pin it, pin it, pin it

pinterest-logoPinterest has been the fastest growing social media in 2012. It’s easy to use and its custom share buttons are proliferating all around the web.  I gotta use it more and learn its potentials.

Happy new year to you all.

One thought on “3 New Year social media resolutions

  1. OK, 2013 has ended and I can say I managed to fulfill 2 out of 3. I’m still lagging behind on Pinterest 😦

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