Portfolios are an important tools when it comes to enhance personal branding and also facilitate the work of employers when hiring personnel in the field of communication, journalism and public relations.

It can be embarrassing to find yourself in the position of not having a portfolio that easily expresses your qualities, experience and field of expertise.

A few days ago a colleague of mine mentioned Cuttings.me, a website that collects all your written work as a pre-made portfolio. After looking at what cuttings.me does I was a bit doubtful about it. At the beginning, it looked to me as a sort of personal blog in which you can add all your creations (writing, videos, photography…) and at first I couldn’t see the added value in it.  Eventually I had to come around.

Simple is good
Cuttings.me provides an easy way to collate cuttings of your published work and is specifically designed for writers. There is space for a brief biography as well as links to your social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr. The rest of the page is dedicated to links of your own work, giving you the opportunity to provide links to your work online or upload a PDF for articles in print.

There’s nothing more you actually need. When you need to present your portfolio to editors, potential employers or colleagues cuttings.me helps you summarizing the “nature” of your work in on screenshot. The viewer instantly understands your field of expertise productivity flow. Moreover, it is of great added value for employers themselves.

Good communication must be simple and direct. The way you present your work is the way you are perceived by your peers and readers.

Despite only being launched in October 2011, the website has already had an overwhelmingly positive reception in the UK and North America and it’s certainly going to spread soon among young and less young European writers


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