Firebrigades in action at Mount Athos

On 9th August I’ve had the chance to witness a ravaging fire in mount Athos where a wildfire raged through Greece’s 1,000-year-old monastic community forcing hundreds of residents and tourists in a nearby village to flee.

The blaze, which broke out on Wednesday in a forested area on the rugged Mount Athos peninsula in northern Greece, burned down two abandoned warehouses but officials said there were no reports of anyone hurt. About 60 firefighters, 26 trucks, five aircraft and three helicopters were deployed to battle the flames fanned by strong summer winds and scorching temperatures (Reuters).

Below you can see the aircraft that worked continuosly landing 0nto the sea to load massive quantities of water to be dropped on the nearby Athos Mount. Tourists were just a few hundreds meters away.

Wildfires are common in Greece during its hot and dry summers, when intense heat is often combined with strong winds, drought or arson.

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